Forthcoming Updates!

Hey folks!

It's been a busy few months since I've posted new work; between a honeymoon, a dog, and a slew of restoration and refinishing projects I haven't had the chance to photograph new pieces. The good news is I'll be updating the site in the next couple weeks with some exciting new projects, as well as working on the launch of a new website for my restoration and design work. It's going to be a lively winter up here in New England!


Mytheme Part I (And Others) Now Showing

The first pieces of my MYTHEME series are on display at 
Marino's Cafe in Beverly, MA (200 Rantoul Street) through the month of October!

The Year-King 
(acrylic | shellac | on oak panel)

The Scapegoat 
(acrylic | metallics | shellac | on beech panel)

The All-Father 
(acrylic | paint chips | shellac | on charred fir panel)

Mytheme: "The Year-King"

First in my Mytheme mask series exploring folklore, ritual, and myth, The Year-King is a symbol of sacrifice and rebirth, growth and harvest. The concept of death and resurrection exists across all cultures and mythologies, and the perceived control over nature and the gods through sacrifice was especially evident in agrarian societies where the success of the harvest was a yearly matter of life and death.

acrylic | shellac | sandpaper | on oak panel

Singing in the Wilderness

An experiment in color and texture, 
now showing at the Waters & Brown design center.

acrylic | shellac | paint chips | metallics | sandpaper

On display at Waters & Brown | 13 Elliott Street | Beverly, MA

(sold as of January, 2012)

Process (Mask Series No. 1)

The TR painting is mostly done but still camera shy, so this is beginning of the new series using a lot more mixing of experimental media and acrylic painting. This guy here is where I am on the first.

Quick Announcement

Hey all, I have a small show hanging up at Waters & Brown Paint and Decorating (13 Elliott Street, Beverly MA), swing on by if you're in the neighborhood! (Gallery of work on the Waters & Brown facebook page)

 Retronaut | acrylic, shellac, metallics on wood